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Splitting Up Bachelorette Party Bill

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So i am the Maid of Honor in my friends wedding this summer. We just had her bachelorette party this past Saturday. A few months ago, her mom called me and told me she wanted to pay for the hotel room and I said ok, thanks so much, etc.
Well, we went out to the bachelorette party dinner, and her mom paid for all of us. Which none of us were expecting (my mom had actually purchased a gift certificate for me to this restaurant because this wedding has broken my bank account!). After dinner, her mom said she had a headache and was not coming to the hotel with us, and didn't join us in anymore activities that night. She also didn't offer or give me any money towards the hotel, like she said she would.
The hotel had charged me a crazy huge amount for a pre-authorization fee, so i was seriously broke that whole night. I am really bad about asking people for money, it makes me feel guilty. I did ask one bridesmaid to buy a case of beer and $20 to chip in. I bought the bride's drinks all night long (minus one, and thats only because i was in the bathroom!). So my questions are, how do i handle the hotel situation with her mom, what do i say? and is it too late to ask the other bridesmaid for money, or should i just let it go now?
Thanks sooo much!
Splitting Up Bachelorette Party Bill
 B asked on June 13, 2011 (Summer 2011 wedding in IN)

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Jonnaysa Kirkham wrote on
June 14, 2011
Planned Perfection
6 answers
I think what I would recommend in this situation is to contact the mother privately, phone call, personal email and say that you are getting ready to tally expenses from the bachelorette weekend and to contact all the bridesmaids and let them know what each person owes.  At that time you can simply ask her if she still planned on graciously accepting the fees for the hotel, and if so, you would make sure not to include that in the costs that the bridesmaids need to take care of.

Whether she decides to stay true to her offer or not, you need to tally all expenses and divide it between all the girls.  It is an unwritten rule that when accepting to be a wedding party member you are taking on the role of helping to pay for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bridesmaids gowns, and accessories, and a wedding gift, in addition to shower gifts, party gifts, etc.

It is best to set a plan into action before all of the parties stating what each attendant is comfortable paying per person, but it does sound like you are past that now and will have to deal with what was already spent.

I hope this helps somewhat.  Best of luck!

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